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Bob's Automobilia we specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks!

Bob's Automobilia started out in 1979. We specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks. We have over 3,500 items available, including quality originals and reproductions. We appreciate your patronage and thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It is our aim to supply an ever increasing number of quality items for your antique auto restoration.

While we are rebuilding our online catalog, please view our PDF Catalog for the entire list of our new products!

For quick ordering or questions answered, call us at (805) 434-2963. We are always happy to discuss your project and assist you in choosing the correct items for your needs. Please have catalog part numbers ready when calling to order. This avoids your waiting on the phone while we look them up for you.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time. Saturday By Appointment Only.

Minimum purchases of $20.00 Domestic & $50.00 International. Orders Received Under these Amounts Will Not Be Honored


Body Shim Rubber 1938-40 BM-498


Fender Lamp Pads 1936 FL-36


Tailight To Fender Pad All 1936 TL-36


Water Jacket Cover Gasket 1931-35 S.60 WJG-3156


Battery Switch For Anything With A Post Battery BS-1


Firewall Grommet 1939-48. PB-398


Firewall Coil Grommet 1940-47. FG-378


Trunk Lid Seal 1941-50 Many S.50-70(15 Ft.Pcs.) . TW-412


Door Handle Clip Removal Tool 1930-60. HC-TOOL


Front Brake Hose 1936 All & 1937-40 S.80-90 BH-360F


Parking Brake Release Rod Grommet 1936-53 PB-363


Spark Plug Wire Set Black WS-313B


GM Style Armrest W/ Brown Cover . AR-GM-BRN


11 Inch Wiper Blade . WB-11S


Upper Outer Pin Kit 1937-56 (See List) UO-378


Rocker Cover Wing Nut Chrome. WN-295C


Hood Hinge To Fender Bumpers 1942-48 HBC-428


Dynaflow Repair Manual 1948-53 . DM-480


Bumper Grommets Rear 1942-48 S.50-70. BG-426


Carb. Base Gasket 3-Hole 1934-49 CBG-350


Trunk Lid Bumper On Threaded Stem 1946-48. . LB-468


1925-28 Standard Fibre Timing Gear . TG-258S


Steering Spark & Throttle Gear Set 1916-30 SG-160


Front Brake Hose 1939-49(See Listing) . BH-399F


Radiator / Engine Drain Cock . RDC-349


Water Pump Bushing Kit 1926-35 WPB-265


Headlight or Throttle Knob All 1937. DK-37


Front Upper Control Arm Bumpers 1937-39 UB-379


Spark Plug Wire Retainer Set 1939-40 S.40-60 SWR-390


Water Pump Impellar Shaft 1926-35 IS-265