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Bob's Automobilia we specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks!

Bob's Automobilia started out in 1979. We specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks. We have over 3,500 items available, including quality originals and reproductions. We appreciate your patronage and thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It is our aim to supply an ever increasing number of quality items for your antique auto restoration.

While we are rebuilding our online catalog, please view our PDF Catalog for the entire list of our new products!

For quick ordering or questions answered, call us at (805) 434-2963. We are always happy to discuss your project and assist you in choosing the correct items for your needs. Please have catalog part numbers ready when calling to order. This avoids your waiting on the phone while we look them up for you.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time. Saturday By Appointment Only.

Minimum purchases of $20.00 Domestic & $50.00 International. Orders Received Under these Amounts Will Not Be Honored


1925-28 Brass Carb. Float Bowl Cover . BC-268


1940 S.40-50-60-70 Rear Brake Cable . RBC-40


Fisher Body Manual For 1939-40 . FM-390


Fisher Body Manual for 1937-38 . FM-378


1950 2-Door Door Sills . DS-5057


1937 S.40-60 Rear Brake Cables . RBC-374


1936 S.40 Rear Brake Cables . RBC-364


"BUICK EIGHT"Trunk Plastic Inserts For All 1942-48 . TP-428


"DYNA FLOW" Trunk Plastic Inserts. Fit 1949 Ser.50-70. TP-49


Port Hole Chromed All 1956 PH-56


Exhaust Manifold Center Section 1933-35 S.60 . EM-3356


Front Pinion Bearing 1931-39 (See List) PBF-259


Socket Contact Assy. Single Contact for Bulbs# 51 & 55 #5219


Positive Battery Cable 1938-39 S.40-60 BC-18C


Brake Shoes 1-3/4" . BS-371


1953-67 V-8 Rocker Shafts . RS-537


Brake Shoes 2-1/4" Wide BS-400


Bob's Sales Catalog (Free W/Other Purchase) CAT


Exhaust Heat Valve 1929-30 Std. EV-290S


Door Hinge Mirror For 1-3/4" Hinge Pin. . M-8A


Engine Gasket Set 1929-30 Standard Ser. FS-290S


1953 Special Bumper Emblem BE-53L


Fuel Tank Strap Cushion 1-1/4". FL-125


Running Board Mounting Bolt 110919


Oil Filter Canister 1929-30 OF-290


Fan Belt Leather 1921-24 FB-212


Water Pump Gland Nut 1926-35 GN-265


Water Pump Impellar Shaft 1931-35 S.50 IS-315


Oil Pan Gasket 1953-56 V-8 OS-536


Exhaust Manifold Gaskets 1953-56 V-8 EG-536