Running Boards

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  • SKU: RB-195

    1919 – 28 Aluminum Outer Running Board Molding.

  • SKU: RI-195

    1919-31 Inner Aluminum Running Board Molding .

  • SKU: SP-192

    Accessory Step Plates Made In Heavy Polished Aluminum With Cloisonne Emblems 1919-32 Models. Sold In Pairs

  • SKU: RM-268

    13 inch Wide ,Even Rounded Ribbed Black Rubber Will Work on 1926-31 Models. But Correct For 1926-28 Models. Sold By The Foot.

  • SKU: RB-32L

    Aluminum Running Board Moulding Set For All 1932 Ser.80-90 Models. 60″ inchs Long. 8 Pcs. Set.

  • SKU: RM-3454

    Exact Copies Of 1934-35 Ser.40 Black Rubber Running Boards . 47-3/8″ Long X 13-1/2″ Wide At One End & 9-5/8″Wide At the Other. Sold In Pairs.

  • SKU: RM-36

    51-7/8″ Long Rubber On Metal Base With Folding Tabs Fits All 1936 Ser.40 Models. Big End Is 13-1/2″Wide X 8-1/8″ Wide Small End. Sold In Pairs.

  • SKU: RMC-37

    1937 Running Board Molding Clips.

  • SKU: RM-39

    Running Board Mats Rubber Only For All 1939 Ser.40 Models. Sold In Pairs.

  • SKU: SS-390

    Concealed Running Board (Streamboard Seal) For 1939-40 Models. Sold By the Foot.

  • SKU: RM-428W

    36 inch Wide Running Board Rubber For Any Running Boards you Wish. Sold By The Foot.

Showing 1–12 of 18 results

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