Cooling System

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  • SKU: FB-180R

    Fan Belt Flat Rubber For 1918-1920 6-Cylinder .

  • SKU: FB-180

    Fan Belt Leather For 1918-20 6 Cylinder .

  • SKU: LC-178

    Lock Roll Buick Logo Hose Clamp 1-7/8″O.D. Made In Stainless Steel.(Fits RH-148 Hose).Sold Each.

  • SKU: RM-197B

    Brass Motor Meter For1919-28 Models.

  • SKU: RB-198C

    Radiator Shell to Frame Mounting Bolts “Chrome Finish” (2 Reqired)
    1919-28 Models.

  • SKU: LC-150

    Lock Roll Hose Clamp 1-1/2″ O.D. Made In Stainless Steel. (Fits Hose RH-118). Sold Each.

  • SKU: LC-200

    Lock Roll Buick Logo Hose Clamp Made in Stainless Steel 2″O.D. (Fits RH-158 Hose) Sold Each.

  • SKU: LC-158

    Lock Roll Hose Clamp 1-5/8″O.D. Made In Stainless Steel .(Fits RH-128 Hose). Sold Each.

  • SKU: LC-225

    Lock Roll Buick Logo Hose Clamp 2-1/4″O.D. Made In Stainless Steel(Fits RH-178 Hose) Sold Each.

  • SKU: LC-78

    Lock Roll Buick Logo Heater Hose Clamp 7/8″O.D Made In Stainless Steel. Sold Each.

  • SKU: FB-212

    Fan Belt Flat Leather for All 1921-24 Models.

  • SKU: GP-215

    Water Pump Shaft Gland Packing For All 1921-25 6-Cylinders. Sold in Pairs. (Uses 1 pair in Each Side)

Showing 1–12 of 127 results

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